National Information Platforms for Nutrition
(NIPN) is an initiative of the European Commission to provide support to countries to strengthen their information systems for nutrition and to improve the analysis of data so as to better inform the strategic decisions they are faced with to prevent malnutrition and its consequences

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Latest News

26 August 2020

NIPN teams exchange experiences through online seminars

NIPN country teams are using online seminar sessions to inform each other of their approaches in implementing NIPN, and to discuss their experiences in meeting challenges and achieving results. In the seminars, NIPN country teams provide in-depth background, practices, and experiences from several countries on a given theme. For example, the Ivory Coast and Guatemala have presented on use of evidence generated by NIPN to influence policies, Lao PDR and Ethiopia on capacity needs assessment and capacity development, and Niger, Burkina Faso, and Uganda on policy question formulation. Online seminars are available here.

12 February 2020

Dakar Data Summit

NIPN teams from Burkina Faso, Niger & Côte d’Ivoire presented their work and exchanged their experience with partners from West Africa during the Nutrition Data Forum held in Dakar 11th and 12th of February 2020. C4N NIPN team has responded to the call for partnership launched by Transform Nutrition with IFRPI, Datadent, Countdown to 2030, UNICEF, USAID, Alive & Thrive, CEDEAO, WHO, EU, GIZ. Lots of experience sharing across the data value chain, from data collection, management, analysis, communication to decision making. Calls to action and presentations can be shared upon request to C4N NIPN team.

27 January 2020

C4N taking on management of NIPN

Capacity for Nutrition (C4N), a multi donor action set up by the European Commission (EC) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), began to manage the National Information Platforms for Nutrition Programme (NIPN) at the global level in January 2020. C4N is implemented by GIZ and is part of the programme Knowledge for Nutrition (K4N).

The EC is pleased to see continuity in the NIPN programme with the engagement of two colleagues who also worked for the Global Support Facility (GSF): Perrine Geniez and Julien Chalimbaud. They will be joined by two new team members: Laura Barrington and Ingo Neu. The C4N team will continue the work in the current four work streams:

  • Country Support
  • Capacity Development
  • Capturing Experience & Lessons Learnt
  • Global Coordination

The Commission recognizes the benefits of having the coordination of NIPN at a global level embedded in the EU’s and BMZ’s major Food and Nutrition Security programmes.

You can contact the C4N-NIPN team at if you have any questions.