• 21 November 2018

    Official NIPN launch in Niger

    As part of the Celebration of the 28th African Statistics Day, the Minister of Public Health of Niger, Dr. Idi Illiassou Mainassara proceeded on Wednesday, November 21 to the official launch of the National Information Platform for Nutrition, indicating that the initiative was part of national priorities by gathering and analyzing a maximum of data available to better guide policies and strategies to combat malnutrition.

  • 5 October 2018

    Official NIPN launch in Lao PDR

    On the 5th of October 2018, the National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN) was officially launched in Lao PDR by the Vice Minister of Planning and Investment, H.E. Dr. Kikeo Chanthaboury. View the press release.

  • 2 October 2018


    During the Africain Nutrition Epidemiology Conference in Addis-Ababa, NIPN & NEP co-organised a workshop on "National Information Platforms to strengthen Nutrition Policy and Programme decisions", with the participation of the Global Support Facility, NIPN teams from Niger and Ethiopia and NEP team from Mali. More.

  • 21 September 2018

    NIPN publication - Niger

    This report presents a diagnosis of existing information and data systems in Niger. This work allowed to draw a list of key indicators already collected by sectors, that can be used for the monitoring & evaluation of the national multisectoral food and nutrition security policy. More.

  • 5 July 2018

    1st NIPN Global Gathering

    This three-day Global Gathering of the National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN), on July 3-5 2018 in Paris, allowed all the 60+ participants from the 10 participating countries to feel part of a whole, created a common understanding of NIPN, enabled discussion of technical matters, implementation needs, opportunities and bottlenecks, and encouraged collaboration and sharing across countries. More.

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