Global Support Facility

Agrinatura, the European alliance on agricultural knowledge for development, through its European Economic Interest Grouping, has been contracted by the European Commission to establish a Global Support Facility (GSF) to support each country to develop a National Information Platform for Nutrition and to coordinate the technical support and capacity building required. The GSF currently comprises a team of five staff, hired through Agrinatura member institutions (Agropolis International and the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich). It is hosted and managed by Agropolis International in Montpellier, France. GSF main role is to ensure:

  • Coordination of the initiative within and between countries
  • Support countries to design and establish each NIPN
  • Capacity building and technical assistance
  • Links with SUN and other initiatives to ensure coherence
agrinatura Agropolis International
Composition of the GSF team
Andrew Hall
Team leader, nutrition expert
Andrew Hall is team leader of the GSF with responsibility for guiding and supporting the technical and organisational development of the information platforms and the mechanisms required to support them. He is a nutritionist and parasitologist with over 35 years’ experience of working in developing countries doing research and evaluating programmes in nutrition and health. He is currently on secondment from the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich, where he is Professor of International Nutrition.
Perrine Geniez
Food security expert
Perrine Geniez is a nutrition expert, with a focus on the information platforms policy processes and country implementation, responsible for francophone countries. She has 15 years’ experience working for the United Nations World Food Programme in nutrition and food security, either in nutrition policies and programme management or in nutrition and food security analysis and assessment.
Julien Chalimbaud
Epidemiology expert
Julien Chalimbaud is an agronomist and epidemiologist, with a focus on technical issues in relation to food and nutrition analysis. He has 15 years’ experience - mainly within ACF (Action against hunger) - working on food security and nutrition security program management and evaluation in low-incomes settings and in designing, implementing and analysing quantitative and qualitative field surveys.
Milko Škofič
Data expert
Milko Škofič is responsible for the project data and computing side of NIPNs. He has worked in the field of information management since 1986, the last 16 years at Bioversity International acting as network technical focal point, providing capacity building and developing information systems in various international projects.
Mélanie Broin
Melanie Broin is responsible for the project coordination and administrative/financial management, under the oversight of the team leader. She is also responsible for project communication activities in close coordination with the team. She has been working for the last 7 years in the management of projects on agricultural, food and environmental sciences in relation to international development, at Agropolis International.
Gabrielle Lartia
Gabrielle Lartia assists the team with administrative and logistical aspects of the GSF, especially concerning mission organization. For the last few years, she has been working as executive assistant supporting international projects and events with different organisations.

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